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Having been inolved with Quickbooks Desktop since 2008 and registered for online in 2017. We have a long standing relationship with Quickbooks software. If you are looking for help and assistance with the Book-keeping, Accounting or with Quickbooks itself we can help.

Needless to say we hold a number of the qualifications:

  - QuickBooks Online Certified

  - QuickBooks Advanced Online Certification

  - Making Tax digital

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Natwest Group purchased FreeAgent and now offer this package 'free' to their business customers as part of their banking package. Consequently I have had an increase in the number of clients using this software.

Initially I learned how to use this software sufficiently to assist a client in preparing his VAT and end of year reporting.  Since then my wife and I have become "FreeAgent Expert Practitioner's"



Pandle is a relative newcomer to the software I deal with. I came across them at Accountex in May 2018. They impressed me as they provided a very cost effective offering. I have one client using their software.

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As an Accountant that has been interested in IT solutions for accounting for over 20 years. When Xero burst onto the scene, I was impressed by the versitility and robustness of their product. Needless to say I have made myself aware of this product and how it operates and I support clients who use this package.


Modern Accountancy firms cannot ignore the goliath that is sage. With Sage Line 50 and Sage one being the desktop and online offerings.

I have been using and processing accounts from various Sage products from the early MS-DOS programmes in the 1990's up to the modern day.

If you are having problems with your sage software we can help.

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